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Creative Work

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Say the Word, Reneesancefair

Performance: Reneesancefair 

Directed by: Adrianna Buenviaje 

Art Direction: Adrianna Buenviaje 

Shot by: William Mattei

Lighting: Ian Kaloja 

Say the Word
Heart Flows

Heart Flows, Reneesancefair

Song by: Reneesancefair

 Directed by: Adrianna Buenviaje

Art Direction: Adrianna Buenviaje 

Shot by: Matthew Zachary Allen

Official Selection 2021 in Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival 

Threads by Monroe: Spring Drop

Art Direction: Adrianna Buenviaje

Arts and Entertainment:
The Daily Californian

At the Daily Californian, I was a lead multimedia producer for Arts and Entertainment. My job was to seek out independent artists, from musicians, to actors, to directors. I would then dive into their work and run interviews with these amazing people. Take a look at some of my favorite projects below! 

Artist Spotlight - Smoke Jumper

Artist Spotlight - Santana

Behind-the-Scenes: Tartuffe

Behind-the-Scenes: 1984

Arts and Entertaiment
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